When I was 6, I wore my pink Power Ranger costume everywhere—to the grocery store, to school, and to bed. I can clearly remember the itch and lack of stretch of the stifling polyester fabric, and how sad I was after it fell apart at the seams after just a few months. What a dream it would have been had my mom been able to find a versatile costume that was both comfortable enough to sleep in but also durable enough to play in all year long. 

Fast forward to today, and parents have a game-changer at their disposal: Hanna Andersson’s signature pajamas have not only mastered the art of comfort but have also unveiled festive prints and add-on accessories that transform them into the most adorable costumes for trick-or-treating and beyond. Welcome to Hanna-ween: a new era of costumes that perfectly embody the spirit of bedtime comfort and playtime magic.

They’re cozy, safe and sensory-friendly

Say so-long to itchy tags and scratchy seams, and hello to cozy, cotton comfort! Hanna Andersson’s signature pajamas are known for their sensory-friendly scratch-free seams and supersoft breathable fabric (GOTS-certified organic cotton, to be exact) which makes them the ideal jammies to wear year-round. They’re also OEKO-TEX® certified which means they’re free from hundreds of harsh chemicals and safe for sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

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Your kiddos can indulge imaginative play all year long

If your kids are anything like mine, dressing up for Halloween is more than just a one-day thing. They have to “practice” the entire month of October, and are still riding the thrill of trick-or-treating well into November. From costume-themed birthday parties to playing dress-up on playdates, kids love to indulge in the spirit of make-believe all year long. With Hanna Andersson’s add-on accessories (sold separately), your little one’s imagination can run wild all year long as they transform into a unicorn, lion, dragon, fairy, and more!

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They last forever*

These pajamas are known to out-last even the hardest-playing kiddos. With ready-to-grow cuffs, they are designed for an extra year of wear and stay bright through 2x as many washes as other brands. They’re also the perfect hand-me-downs as they’ll look and feel as good as the day you got them by the time your little one has outgrown them. *We haven’t actually tested if they last “forever,” but we do know these jammies are pretty darn durable.

A sustainable and affordable choice

We love a good deal, and pajamas that double as a costume are really a two-for-one! Investing in a costume that won’t end up in a landfill but can rather be loved all year long makes them a smart choice for both your wallet and the planet. By choosing outfits that stick around, you’re not only curbing waste but also getting more bang for your buck. It’s a win-win where your child gets to be the star of Halloween and a sustainability superhero at the same time.

While your little ones are guaranteed to be the cutest trick-or-treaters on the block, Hanna Andersson’s signature pajamas come in festive prints for everyone in the family—from adults to your pet. Create long-lasting memories with spooky smiles or colorful pumpkins, and enjoy matching with the whole crew for a cozy and fun-filled Halloween season. 

Blending comfort, durability and fun, Hanna Andersson’s signature pajamas have rewritten the rules of Halloween costumes. From cozy bedtime stories to energetic trick-or-treating escapades, these pajamas-turned-costumes seamlessly merge coziness and creativity. Slow your scroll and add-to-cart immediately as these jammies are a no-brainer this Hanna-ween.