Whew, the nostalgia is coming in HOT today! It’s been confirmed that *NSYNC will be releasing new music—and no, this is not a drill.

*NSYNC’s first new song in over two decades, “Better Place,” was announced early Thursday, with parts of the song featured in the new “Trolls Band Together” trailer, the latest “Trolls” movie to be released this holiday season.

You can listen to snippets of the song on TikTok, but the full song will be released on Sept. 29.

The popular 2000s boy band made headlines earlier this week when they showed up to reunite at the 2023 MTV VMAs on Tuesday, where they presented Taylor Swift with the award for “Best Pop Video.”


#stitch with @Ainsley literally every #Swiftie on the market lol! NOW YOU KNOW HOW WE FEEL!!! 😂 lmao #taylorswiftnsync #taylorswifteastereggs

♬ original sound – meganbesler

Trolls Band Together” is the third film in the Trolls franchise, which features Timberlake as Branch and Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy. Timberlake recorded “Can’t Stop the Feeling” for the first film and “The Other Side” for its sequel, “Trolls World Tour.” In the latest film, the plot centers around Branch and his long-lost brothers (conveniently voiced by Timberlake’s real-life bandmates, naturally).

“Better Place” is *NSYNC’s first new song in more than two decades—their last single was released in 2002. While the band reunited for the VMAs back in 2013, they didn’t release new music at the time.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to introduce your own kids to the power of *NSYNC’s music this holiday season! Trolls Band Together hits theaters on Nov. 17.