The traditional role of “fatherhood” has changed so much with our generation—and for the better. Today’s dad is hands-on, changing diapers, prepping bottles, and taking the kids on errands—just like moms always have. In fact, studies have found that millennial dads spend more time with their kids than dads of any other generation so far. We love to see it, because this means women are getting more opportunities to focus on their careers and there’s more equal parenting at home (which is how it should have always been anyway). Also, dads are fighting for paternity leave in record numbers, and the population of stay-at-home dads grows with each passing year.

So, knowing that dads are more involved than ever in the raising of their children—including those early baby days—it’s not surprising that companies are marketing a lot of products toward dads now, rather than just gearing them toward moms, as it has been in the past. One such product is diaper bags! With endless options out there for style, design, features and price range, there’s a lot to choose from.

What do you need in a dad diaper bag? Well, that entirely depends on their dad-style. Check out our favorites below!

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Best diaper bags for dads

Best men's diaper bag backpack

WSEL Kobe Diaper Bag


Kobe Diaper Bag Backpack


Finally, a diaper bag that’s as built for commuting as it is butt wiping. This large capacity, water-resistant diaper bag backpack was designed specifically for great parents that Work Smart and Enjoy Life. (WSEL, get it?) Dads (and let’s be fair–moms too) appreciate its versatile expandable design, multiple pockets, large insulated bottle holders, convenient laptop/tablet pockets, plus a charging port to keep all the essentials (and then some!) organized and easy to access. Its durability and practicality make it perfect for everyday use while its impressive capacity ensures its ready for all kinds of adventures! (Oh, and did we mention the lifetime guarantee? Go ahead. Do your worst.)

Best lightweight diaper bag for dads

Colugo The Parent Backpack


The Parent Backpack


Nothing is worse than a bag that already weighs a million pounds before you even pack it. That’s one reason we love the simple yet spacious Parent Backpack from Colugo. (Fun fact: They also perfected the lightweight stroller, so we’re not surprised.) The wide opening provides a top-down view of what’s inside and three interior pockets help to keep organized. The outside compartment features two pockets for smaller items as well as a keychain holder (because fishing out your keys is legit the WORST). At the sides they’ve added two adjustable and insulated bottle pockets and the flap top zipper compartment at the top provides plenty of room for quick-grab essentials. It’s wipeable and machine washable too!

Best men's diaper bag for longer adventures

Huhu Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0


Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0


If you’re tired of your diaper bag becoming a black hole, the hyper-functional, parent-designed bag from Huhu has got you covered. The genderless diaper bag backpack is great for all day and even weekend-long adventures given its impressive capacity. It’s also loaded with features you don’t find in most diaper bags like a one-handed buckle, a clamshell opening to make everything super accessible, removable pouches and a dedicated wipes pocket. It’s water-resistant and super comfortable to carry thanks to cushy straps and a sleek contoured and breathable back panel. Additionally, it packs standard amenities like internal and external quick-access pockets, and wide cushy backpack straps to make carrying all the things as easy as can be. (We also love that it’s made from recycled material!)

Best diaper bag for the outdoorsy dad

Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag


Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag


The Summit Rush Backpack is perfect for that active dad taking the kids biking, hiking or any other outdoorsy place adventurous dads like to go. It’s nicely sized without being giant with several internal and external pockets to keep everything in its place. On the side you’ll find a thermal bottle pocket with Therma-Flect radiant barrier that holds two bottles or sippy cups to keep them temperate. It also comes with a padded change mat with Ultra Safe wipe clean surface and features a padded back, adjustable straps, stroller attachment clips and breathable mesh panels. It’s also made with Microban which provides extra protection against bacteria growth. See ya later, mystery stink!

Best vegan diaper bag

TWELVELITTLE Unisex Courage Diaper Bag Backpack


Unisex Courage Diaper Bag Backpack


With a padded interior tech bag that can hold up to a 15-inch laptop and a hidden zipper pocket for dirty diapers and clothes, this bag is fully functional and style conscious! The exterior is water-resistant, which makes it easy to keep clean–but it can be machine washed if it gets extra grimy. There’s an included changing pad for diaper duty as well as a luggage opening at the back. Plus, the inside is super roomy, giving you plenty of space for anything else your little one might need.

Best diaper bag for the traveling dad

Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag

Eddie Bauer

Places & Spaces Bridgeport Diaper Bag Backpack


Ok, we’ll state the obvious. This backpack is total #dadcore. But that’s the beauty here. Loaded with features, it boasts an expansive interior and a whopping 11 practical pockets to keep him supremely organized. Inside, you’ll find two insulated pockets, tailor-made for bottles and munchies. The super spacious zippered front pocket is a secure haven for dad essentials like wallet, keys, and phone.

We really love the thoughtful convenience of this style with its detachable wipes case and changing pad that are absolute lifesavers for on-the-move diaper changes. And let’s not forget the versatility factor—this bag is a multitasking pro. You can rock it with ease using the tall top handle, sling it on your back with the padded adjustable shoulder straps, or effortlessly attach it to your stroller using the nifty stroller loops.

Best messenger style men's diaper bag

E.C. Knox Classic Diaper Bag

E.C. Knox

Classic Diaper Bag


He may have fond memories of zipping between cabs on his fixie, but he’s got to be just as nimble these days! This very “cool dad” messenger bag features a super rugged and easy-to-wipe ballistic nylon fabric, a zip flap with a fold-out changing mat and a magnetized exterior flap that lifts up for easy access to wipes. Also, the adjustable strap allows him to carry it as a backpack or shoulder bag, or just clip it to the stroller. And bonus! There’s also a padded zip compartment for his laptop.

Best diaper bag for the chic and trendy dad

Upper La Madison Vegan Leather Diaper Bag

Upper New York

La Madison Vegan Leather Diaper Bag


Another show stopper, this vegan backpack style bag from Upper New York comes in black or brown and has a lot of features any parent would love, including double insulated pockets to keep bottles warm, over 10 pockets for organization and a padded laptop pocket with zippers.

Best convertible diaper bag for Dad

X Plory X Changing Bag by Stokke


Xplory X Changing Bag


If he wants the option of either a shoulder bag or a backpack, this gorgeous diaper bag from Stokke is the one. The padded straps keep it comfy no matter how heavy the load, while the extended zipper makes it easy to see the contents. The Xplory X bag comes in six colors including golden yellow, ruby red and royal blue, and has a detachable smaller bag inside which can be used for quick changes on-the-go.

Best diaper bag gift for a new dad

YETI Camino 35 tote bag


Camino 35 Carryall Tote Bag


If he’s not ready to go full diaper bag, maybe he’d like to ease into it with what he knows. Like coolers. (All dads like coolers right?) Cooler adjacent, this practical bag from YETI gets the job done well. The Camino 35 Carryall Tote comes in three color options, is insulated, has interior pockets and is super easy to clean. Dad can definitely use this tote for lots of other fun days out too, once baby is older and the diapers are gone.

Best diaper bag for the dad shopping on a budget

Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack


Diaper Bag Backpack


You don’t have to spend a lot to get a bag with great functionality and style—and this diaper bag backpack from Mancro proves it. Enthusiastic reviewers (of which there are thousands) call it everything from a “Mary Poppins bag” to the “best.diaper.bag.ever”. It’s got lots of multi-functional pockets, including a side wipes pocket, two side insulated pockets for bottles, two front zippered pockets for other essentials and a laptop compartment too. Um, and it’s less than $30 bucks? It’s practical and affordable and comes in three colors, including this soft blue, as well as gray and black.

Best diaper bag for the rugged dad

High Speed Daddy Black Camo Diaper Bag


Diaper Bag Backpack


For the tough, rugged dad, the HighSpeedDad Bag is made of military-grade materials to help him tackle the toughest of fatherhood challenges. With features such as a felt-lined pocket for sunglasses or cell phones, a built-in elastic baby wipe pocket, a laptop sleeve and four hard rubber feet to offer protection and support vertical standing, this one is quite the bag.

Also, HighSpeedDaddy is veteran owned and operated and offers a military and first-responder discount.

The diaper bag for Dad with all the bells and whistles

FlyDad Rucksack Diaper Bag e1675704587130


FirstBorn Ultra-Tough Diaper Rucksack


How many pockets and compartments does he need? How about 21? Will that suffice? The FirstBorn Ultra-Tough Diaper Rucksack from FlyDad flaunts a spot for everything.  Add in breathable mesh foam back padding, an easy-access travel wipe compartment, a cell-phone pocket on the strap, a universal charging cable and an insulated milk pocket for bottles, and you’ll wonder how one bag can be so magical. But it is.

How to choose the right men’s diaper bag


Are you the kind of dad who prefers a streamlined approach with just the basics–diapers, wipes, and snacks – without lugging around a mini-armory alongside the baby? We’ve got you covered. Or perhaps you’re the dad who’s always ready for anything, packing multiple outfit changes, toys, a blanket, hat, sunscreen, and an assortment of bottles. No worries, we’ve got a bag for that too.


The whole point of a diaper bag is to organize all the things. Think about what you tend to carry, and ensure the bag you choose fits those needs. Consider the menu of available features like specialized pockets for bottles that need insulation, handy pacifier pouches, and built-in compartments for damp items.

Changing Pad

Some models come complete with a changing pad right in the package. Others might require an additional purchase. Then there are those that ingeniously incorporate it into their design.

Carry Alternatives

It’s no secret that diaper bags can quickly become weightlifting accessories. (Every day is arm day now, didn’t you know?) If you’re toting around a load of gear, a shoulder bag might not be the most comfortable. But hey, we’ve got options, like diaper bag backpacks or those nifty stroller straps for your convenience.

We’ve curated an assortment of our preferred diaper bags for dads that come highly recommended by our partners, friends, and fellow rad dads to suit every style.

Now how about putting changing tables in all public restrooms, amiright?!